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Three aspects should not be neglected in ventilation duct design:


1. The distinction of smoke prevention zoning of smoke exhaust system should be considered in combination with building fire prevention zoning. It is beneficial to both basement ventilation system and smoke exhaust system, and there will be no phenomenon of smoke exhaust duct crossing the fire zoning. Therefore, when using a set of air ducts, the system should meet the usual requirements of ventilation and smoke exhaust in fire.


2. The ventilation method of basement is reasonable to install exhaust ducts and vents, which are usually used as exhaust ducts and vents in fires; the natural intake of lanes is considered in the first floor of basement, and the supplementary air system in fires is used in the other layers.

每个排风、排烟及送风系统应设置竖井,进风口应设在地上洁净处,若能与地下主楼有必定间隔更好,其受火灾气影响会小;若能与地上主楼有必定间隔更好,其受火灾烟气影响会小,排风口方位应高于附楼层面, 以减少排风对地上环境影响。

Each exhaust, smoke exhaust and air supply system should be equipped with vertical shafts, and the air intake should be located in the ground clean place. If it has a certain interval with the underground main building, it will be less affected by fire gas; if it has a certain interval with the above-ground main building, it will be less affected by fire smoke, and the position of the air outlet should be higher than the level of the attached building, so as to reduce the influence of exhaust air on the ground environment.


3. Selection of exhaust fan, exhaust fan and supply fan, centrifugal fan or high temperature axial fan for exhaust fan. Generally, centrifugal fans can meet the requirements of exhaust and smoke exhaust, but large air volume centrifugal fans can only be installed on the ground, occupying a larger area, and need a larger machine room.


高温轴流风机为消防专用风机,也能满足在280℃ 烟温下运转30 min的要求, 而高温轴流风机体积小,一般可吊装,若设机房面积也小,实践工程设计中,往往选用高温轴流风机排烟。

High temperature axial flow fan is a special fan for fire fighting, which can also meet the requirement of running for 30 minutes at 280 ~C smoke temperature. However, high temperature axial flow fan is small in volume and can be hoisted generally. If the area of the room is small, high temperature axial flow fan is often used to exhaust smoke in practical engineering design.


Four points for attention in ventilation pipeline installation:


1) For more complex civil buildings, at the design stage, each type of work (HVAC, water supply and drainage, power supply and lighting and architecture) should first negotiate space separation and determine the elevation range of each kind of pipeline. Normally, you should not go beyond the boundaries of your own rules. If there is a single pipe section to cross the boundary, it should be negotiated with other projects.


2) The criteria for solving the collision and coordination of various ventilation pipes are generally as follows: "Small pipes let big pipes, pressure let no pressure". For example, when a water pipe collides with an air pipe, the water pipe should turn. When the cold and hot water pipes collide with the sewer pipes, the cold and hot water pipes should be changed.


3) Before the construction, the Engineer in charge of the equipment shall draw the pipelines of each type of work on a single plan. Each pipe uses a colour pen. Summarize the elevation at each intersection to see if there is any contradiction, find out in time, and solve the problem before the device.


4) In order to reduce investment, save space and reduce floor height, some pipes without slope requirements can be laid through beams (such as tap water pipes, fire spraying trunk pipes, etc.).


The above information is our Jinan ventilation duct arrangement and release hope to help you all on our website: http://olivierbernier.com!


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